Wisconsin Woman Jessy Kurczewski Convicted of Murdering Friend with Eyedrops

Wisconsin Woman Jessy Kurczewski In Court

In a dramatic verdict on Tuesday, a Waukesha County jury found 39-year-old Jessy Kurczewski guilty of first-degree murder in the death of her friend, Lynn Hernan. Kurczewski was convicted of using an excessive amount of eyedrops to fatally poison Hernan, 62, in 2018. The court also found her guilty of stealing over $10,000 but less than $100,000 from the victim.

The case, presided over by Judge Jennifer R. Dorow, reached its conclusion after nearly 11 hours of deliberation. Hernan was found dead in her home on October 3, 2018, with evidence of crushed medication on her chest and nearby. Kurczewski, who made the 911 call, initially told police various stories about Hernan’s death, first describing it as an overdose.

However, the investigation took a turn when it was revealed that Hernan died from a lethal dose of Tetrahydrozoline, a common ingredient in eyedrops. Kurczewski was arrested in June 2021 following the discovery. She claimed Hernan was fond of consuming eyedrops, suggesting her death was a suicide or an assisted suicide.

Prosecutors argued that Kurczewski’s lifestyle became lavish after she started managing Hernan’s finances, with allegations of transferring over $100,000 from Hernan’s account to her own. The total amount defrauded was claimed to be $290,210.06.

The defense maintained that Kurczewski cared for Hernan and was simply aiding her in ending her suffering. Despite these claims, the jury sided with the prosecution’s narrative of financial motive.

Kurczewski, who was visibly emotional as the verdict was announced, is scheduled for sentencing on December 7. The court will potentially include victim impact statements via Zoom, as indicated by Judge Dorow.

The case has garnered attention for its unusual method of murder and the complexities surrounding the relationship between Kurczewski and Hernan, ultimately leading to a conviction that might offer some closure to those affected by this tragic incident.

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