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We’re on a mission to revolutionize how people connect with stories and cases by giving you details and in-depth information. The CrimeDoor app features breaking news updates and provides reliable sources to help you better understand the nuances of each victim’s case – easily accessible on the world’s #1 crime news app.

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CrimeDoor TV is a daily Crime program that features expert analysis of active, resolved and cold cases from around the world.

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Join the community of people passionate about criminal justice and ready to learn more. Explore cases from all over the world and discover insights beyond essential information and statistics. Our cutting-edge technology gives you an in-depth understanding of each story. At the same time, our exclusive collection of expert opinions, featuring forensic scientists to criminal judges, invites you to learn more about current relevant stories.

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We are committed to giving victims’ families a voice by using our platform to share their stories. We can help keep cold cases in the spotlight by providing reliable information and focusing on what matters most: compassion for real victims. CrimeDoor offers a portal for those seeking a fresh perspective on cases around the world.

Everything that’s needed to tell your story to the world

As well as highlighting present cases, CrimeDoor offers a portal into the past to shed light on historical cases. Our library provides trustworthy resources for our community of advocates and experts alike to reflect on what has changed and evolved over time.

Expand your knowledge with an opportunity to learn from specialists, professionals and people like you by tuning into CrimeDoor TV.

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A daily Crime program that features expert analysis of active, resolved and cold cases from around the world

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