Washington Man Charged with Four Murders in Alleged Treasure Hunt Trap

Washington Man Charged with Four Murders in Alleged Treasure Hunt Trap

Richard Bradley Jr., 40, faces multiple murder charges in connection with the deaths of four individuals in Washington State. Initially arrested for one case, Bradley has recently been charged with three additional murders.

Bradley was first charged in May 2021 with the alleged murder of 44-year-old Brandi Blake in Game Farm Park, Auburn. During the investigation, authorities discovered three more bodies nearby, identified as Emilio Maturin, 36, Michael Goeman, 59, and Goeman’s son Vance Lakey, 31. Court documents indicate that these individuals were also victims of Bradley.

Prosecutors allege that Bradley enticed his victims with a story about needing assistance to unearth buried gold in a wooded area. After leading them to the location, he is accused of killing them and taking their possessions, including vehicles.

Maturin was reported missing in September 2019 by his girlfriend, who overheard a conversation about digging for gold in Auburn. Maturin was last seen driving to the park in a new BMW with a significant amount of cash and drugs. Auburn police later engaged in a car and foot chase with Bradley, resulting in his arrest for eluding police.

In March 2021, Goeman and his son were found dead on a road near the park. Goeman had recently received a large inheritance. Bradley was a person of interest in their deaths and was later charged with arson related to their impounded SUV.

Two months after the Goeman murders, Blake disappeared shortly after winning a significant amount at a casino. Her body was discovered in a shallow grave, and Bradley was charged with her murder.

Bradley now faces two counts of premeditated first-degree murder, two counts of second-degree murder, and second-degree arson. He is scheduled for trial in Blake’s case and has not entered a plea for the new charges.

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