Trump’s Valet Allegedly Promised Pardon for Lying to FBI, Witness Claims

Trump’s Valet Allegedly Promised Pardon for Lying to FBI, Witness Claims

In a recently unsealed court filing, it has been revealed that Donald Trump’s valet, identified as “Person 16,” was allegedly promised a pardon by the former president if he was charged with lying to the FBI. The witness, who worked in Trump’s White House, provided a redacted summary of their November 2022 interview with the FBI, shedding light on this purported offer. Both Trump and Nauta, the valet, have pleaded not guilty to charges of obstruction and mishandling of classified and national defense information.

The witness, referred to as Person 16, disclosed that Nauta was informed by “FPOTUS’ people” that his investigation was politically motivated and would not yield any significant results. Furthermore, Nauta was allegedly assured that even if he faced charges for lying to the FBI, Trump would pardon him in 2024. The witness, who had not been in contact with Nauta since Trump’s tenure in the White House, refused to have the interview recorded, citing concerns about potential risks in the “Trump world.”

The witness had visited Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida multiple times after his presidency ended. During a November 2021 visit, the witness advised Trump to return any relevant materials to the National Archives, cautioning him against providing a reason for indictment. The witness’s account, as documented in the interview summary, known as a FD-302, also revealed that the FBI recovered classified material in August 2022.

Nauta’s attorney declined to comment on the matter, while Trump’s attorneys have not responded to inquiries from CNN. The source of the witness’s knowledge regarding the alleged pardon offer remains unclear.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Wow, this revelation is quite shocking. It’s disheartening to see the abuse of power and potential obstruction of justice. As a concerned citizen, my personal goal is to stay informed and hold our leaders accountable for their actions.

    In light of this news, I plan to actively engage in discussions surrounding political transparency and ethics. I want to raise awareness about the importance of upholding the rule of law and the consequences of any attempts to undermine it.

    Additionally, I aim to support organizations and initiatives that

  2. What are the potential implications of a president using the power of pardon to protect individuals close to them from legal consequences?

  3. Did you know that the power to grant pardons is one of the most exclusive powers of the President of the United States? The Constitution grants the President the authority to pardon individuals for federal crimes, making it a unique and significant aspect of their executive power.

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