Third Arrest Made in $10,000 Copper Wire Theft from VTA Cropley Light Rail Station

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office announced on Wednesday that a third arrest has been made in connection with the theft of approximately $10,000 worth of copper wire from the Valley Transit Authority (VTA) Cropley Light Rail Station. The incident occurred on March 11, when twenty feet of copper wire, weighing over 100 pounds, was stolen.

Earlier this month, two suspects, identified as Danielle Mayo, 60, and Frank Pacheco, 55, were apprehended for possession of stolen property, conspiracy, and possession of methamphetamine. Following their arrest, Transit Patrol Division detectives identified Michael Reeder, 55, as an outstanding suspect in the case.

Without incident, Reeder was taken into custody by law enforcement authorities. He has been booked into the Santa Clara County Mail Jail on multiple charges, including grand theft, vandalism, possession of a stolen vehicle, and several outstanding warrants related to evading police, vehicle theft, and burglary.

The stolen copper wire, valued at around $10,000, was a significant loss for the VTA. The investigation into the theft is ongoing, and authorities are working to determine if there are any additional suspects involved.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with the Transit Patrol Division, remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of public transportation facilities. The arrest of the third suspect brings the investigation closer to its conclusion, providing a sense of justice for the VTA and the community affected by this crime.

Author: CrimeDoor

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