Squatters Arrested in Georgia Suburban Home Traced Through Stolen Car

Squatters Arrested in Georgia Suburban Home Traced Through Stolen Car

Police in Georgia apprehended six squatters who had been occupying a vacant suburban home worth $450,000 for several months. The arrest came after law enforcement traced a stolen car belonging to a neighbor to the driveway of the property located at 4300 Caveat Court. Local residents had been enduring the presence of these intruders, who moved in on Christmas Day, causing significant disruption in the neighborhood.

According to Mel Keyton, president of the Hampton Oaks Homeowners Association, these individuals had allegedly engaged in a pattern of behavior where they would purchase homes, claiming they could afford them, but never following through with the necessary paperwork. Consequently, the houses would remain vacant, providing an opportunity for squatters to move in undetected. Keyton further revealed that the same group had broken into another unoccupied residence in the area while the owners were away, stealing their car.

The police managed to apprehend the group on Saturday, promptly placing them under arrest. The incident has left the community feeling uneasy and unsafe, as the squatters had been living among them without their knowledge. Kendra Snorton, vice president of the Hampton Oaks Homeowners Association, expressed her concerns, stating that the ringleader of the group was often seen walking his dog and appeared courteous and polite when interacting with the community.

This incident follows the recent signing of the Georgia Squatter Reform Act by Governor Brian Kemp on April 24. The act aims to empower homeowners with greater authority to remove unwanted squatters from their properties. Local residents hope that such measures will prevent similar situations from escalating to the point where extensive police intervention becomes necessary.

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