Porch Pirate Plunder: Florida Woman Swipes Amazon Deliveries for Christmas Caper

33-year-old Kensley Mott from Florida was caught on surveillance footage snatching packages from her neighbors’ front doors. Mott, who followed an Amazon delivery driver through her neighborhood, confessed to the police that she intended to use the stolen items as Christmas gifts.

Dressed entirely in black and eerily reminiscent of the infamous Dr. Seuss character, the ‘warm-weather Grinch’ was filmed peering through peepholes before stealing two packages. The footage captures her in the act, further solidifying her role in the thefts.

This latest incident in the Sun Ridge Village subdivision of Winter Haven, located 40 miles southwest of Orlando, follows a report of an attempted package theft in the same area just a week earlier. Mott’s criminal record, dating back to 2016, includes previous arrests for petit theft, grand theft, and narcotics possession.

When confronted by police at her place of employment, a local pizza parlor, Mott immediately admitted to the thefts, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Grady Judd quoted Mott’s confession: “I stole them because I’m gonna give them away as presents for Christmas.” However, when asked to return the stolen packages, Mott refused and later questioned the authenticity of the video evidence, suggesting someone else might have her face.

Sheriff Judd, known for his sharp wit, remarked at a press conference, pointing out the redness in Mott’s nose in her mugshot: “This is not Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. This is Kinsley, the red-nosed criminal. Locked up. Porch pirate.”

Mott now faces charges of grand theft, felony petit theft, and two counts of burglary of a dwelling. According to Judd, Mott is likely to spend both Christmas and her upcoming birthday behind bars, a stark contrast to the festive season she had planned with her ill-gotten gifts.

Author: CrimeDoor

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