Phase Two of Operation Safe Neighborhood Announced by Councilwoman Tabatha Taylor

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Phase One of Councilwoman Tabatha Taylor’s Operation Safe Neighborhood has proven to be highly successful, prompting the announcement of Phase Two. Jenna Vitamanti from NBC Six joins us live in the studio to share further details.

In an effort to combat the escalating crime rates in Shreveport, Councilwoman Taylor’s grassroots project has initiated the installation of security cameras outside homes across the city. The aim is to enhance safety and work in collaboration with law enforcement. As Taylor rightly points out, feeling safe inside one’s home is paramount to feeling safe anywhere.

The response to Phase One has been overwhelmingly positive, with Councilwoman Taylor ringing in its achievements. When a residential crime occurs, the Shreveport Police will request access to registered camera feeds in the vicinity. Chief Wayne Smith emphasizes that this footage can greatly benefit investigations, potentially capturing crucial evidence. The homeowners’ permission is always sought before any video content is accessed by the Real Time Crime Center, ensuring privacy and cooperation.

The Real Time Crime Center currently has the ability to receive feeds from around 1,500 cameras. Considering this volume, it may not be possible to differentiate between sources. Chief Smith acknowledges that the success stories are the result of a collective effort, encompassing multiple factors, rather than solely relying on the Real Time Crime Center.

Excitingly, Councilwoman Taylor has promised to introduce free doorbell cameras in Phase Two. This new initiative further enhances citizen involvement in monitoring and deterring criminal activity throughout the community.

In other news, Shreveport leaders gathered to pray for the victims of gun violence in the city. The event was held to acknowledge and mourn the 43 individuals who have tragically lost their lives as a result of such violence.

While not considered breaking news, this article sheds light on the proactive measures being taken to combat crime in Shreveport and the positive impact it is having on the community.

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