Over 100 Inmates Escape from Nigerian Prison Amid Heavy Rainfall

Over 100 Inmates Escape from Nigerian Prison Amid Heavy Rainfall

More than 100 prisoners have fled a medium security prison in Suleja, Niger state, Nigeria, following heavy rainfall that caused significant damage to the facility. The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) confirmed in a press release on Thursday that a total of 118 inmates escaped from the Medium Security Custodial Centres on Wednesday night. However, authorities have managed to apprehend and take custody of 10 of the escaped prisoners.

The NCS stated that parts of the prison, surrounding buildings, and the perimeter fence were destroyed by the rain. The facility, which was described as “old and weak” and built during the colonial era, suffered extensive damage. The NCS assured the public that it is in control of the situation and urged citizens to continue their daily activities without fear or hindrance. They also requested the public’s assistance in identifying and reporting any suspicious movements of the fleeing inmates to the nearest security agency.

Prison breaks have become a recurring issue in Nigeria, with several incidents occurring in recent years. In 2022, Boko Haram militants raided a prison in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, resulting in the escape of some of their members who were being held there. Another incident took place in Kogi State, where gunmen invaded a correctional facility, killing a policeman. Prior to that, armed men attacked a prison in Imo State, using explosives to blast parts of the facility.

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