Michigan Man Sentenced to Prison for Hiding Wife’s Body in Freezer

Terrell York, a Michigan man, has been sentenced to two to eight years in prison for hiding his wife’s body in a freezer. Isabella County Circuit Judge Mark Duthie handed down the sentence, describing the facts of the case as “horrible.” Prosecutors alleged that York concealed the body to continue collecting his wife’s Social Security payments, and the cause of her death remains undetermined.

The investigation began when York’s daughter expressed concern about not hearing from her mother for approximately two years. Authorities in Deerfield Township were alerted and subsequently discovered the body of 67-year-old Patricia York in a chest freezer during a search of the home. Prior to the discovery, Terrell York had falsely claimed that his wife had relocated to Newago, Michigan. However, he later confessed that she had died in September 2022 and he had placed her body in the freezer instead of informing the family.

During the sentencing, Terrell York did not speak. His attorney, Ann Chamberlain, highlighted the medical struggles faced by the couple, with Terrell losing his job due to health issues. Chamberlain characterized the situation as unfortunate and emphasized that her client continues to grieve over the circumstances.


Author: CrimeDoor

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