March 25, 1933 – Erik Jan Hanussen

Erik Jan Hanussen, a well-known German clairvoyant and hypnotist, was murdered on the evening of March 25, 1933, in Berlin. Hanussen, 43, who was born Hermann Steinschneider, was scheduled to perform that night but instead was abducted by members of the Sturmabteilung, the paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party, and shaken down for the IOUs he held. Once they had them, they shot him and dumped his body in a forest, where it was discovered a month later.

Hanussen was known for his mind reading and hypnosis act and became a celebrity in Germany during the 1920s. He was an adviser to German Chancellor Adolf Hitler despite being a Jew. Shortly before he was killed, Hanussen predicted the Feb. 27 burning of the Reichstag. This was considered his most famous feat of clairvoyance. It also was a possible reason for his murder.

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  1. This is absolutely sickening! The fact that someone would stoop so low as to murder a clairvoyant and hypnotist is beyond comprehension. Erik Jan Hanussen was a talented individual who brought joy and wonder to many people’s lives. It’s despicable that someone would take his life in such a brutal manner. This act of violence is a stark reminder of the darkness that can exist in humanity. My heart goes out to Hanussen’s loved ones, and I hope that justice is served

  2. This is a fascinating piece of history! Can you please provide more details about the circumstances surrounding Erik Jan Hanussen’s murder? I’m curious to know if there were any suspects or motives behind the crime.

  3. While it is true that Erik Jan Hanussen was murdered in 1933, it is important to consider alternative perspectives on his profession and reputation. Hanussen claimed to possess clairvoyant abilities and performed as a hypnotist, but many skeptics argue that his supposed powers were nothing more than clever tricks and illusions. Hanussen’s murder may have been a result of his involvement in political activities and his alleged connections to the Nazi party, rather than a targeted attack on his psychic abilities. It is

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