Los Angeles City Councilmembers Curren Price and Kevin de León Reinstated to Committees Amid Scandals

Los Angeles City Councilmembers Curren Price and Kevin de León Reinstated to Committees Amid Scandals

Los Angeles City Councilmembers Curren Price and Kevin de León, who have been embroiled in separate scandals, have been reinstated to committees by Council President Paul Krekorian. The decision, announced on Wednesday, comes as a surprise to many, considering the controversies surrounding both councilmembers.

Curren Price, who represents part of South L.A., voluntarily stepped down from his committees in June after being charged with embezzlement, perjury, and conflict of interest. Price has consistently maintained his innocence. Despite facing ten felony counts, he has now been assigned to committees overseeing public safety, trade and tourism, civil rights, and personnel issues.

Kevin de León, whose district includes part of the Eastside, was removed from all committees by acting Council President Mitch O’Farrell following the release of a secretly recorded conversation in which racist and sexist remarks were made. De León has since apologized for his participation in the conversation and has been reinstated to four committees, including those dealing with housing and homelessness, trade and tourism, energy and the environment, and transportation. He has also retained his seat on the Board of Referred Powers.

The decision by Council President Paul Krekorian to reinstate Price and de León has raised eyebrows and sparked criticism. Rob Quan, an organizer with Unrig LA, expressed disappointment, questioning the reasoning behind the council president’s actions. Quan believes it is inappropriate to assign Price, who is facing serious felony charges, to a council committee dealing with law enforcement. He also finds it puzzling that de León has secured seats on multiple committees.

The announcement marks a significant turnaround from the aftermath of the audio leak, which led to widespread calls for de León’s resignation. Council President Nury Martinez had already stepped down due to her involvement in the recorded conversation. At the time, Krekorian sent de León a letter stating that the healing process could not begin until he stepped down from public office. However, with the recent decision, de León expressed satisfaction and emphasized the importance of the assigned committees for his district.

Curren Price, who faced potential political peril last year due to the suspension of two former colleagues facing felony charges, argued against his own suspension, asserting his innocence. The council committee responsible for recommending disciplinary measures took no action against him.

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