Lance Storm Urges WWE to Sever Ties with Vince McMahon Amidst Sexual Assault Lawsuit Allegations

Former WWE wrestler Lance Storm has joined the growing chorus of voices calling for WWE to cut ties with its chairman, Vince McMahon, following the recent lawsuit alleging sexual assault and sex trafficking filed against him. The lawsuit, brought forth by former WWE employee Janel Grant, accuses McMahon, along with WWE executive John Laurinaitis and the company itself, of subjecting her to a series of heinous acts, including sexual assault, physical and emotional abuse, and sex trafficking.

Storm, who has been vocal about his concerns regarding McMahon’s involvement in the company, expressed his belief that WWE should sever all connections with the embattled chairman. Speaking on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Storm emphasized the need for decisive action, stating, “I was one of the few that said he needed to be gone when the story first broke, and I was outspoken against him being allowed back into the office, being allowed back at shows when he came back.”

The details outlined in Grant’s lawsuit are deeply disturbing, with Storm describing them as “classic sexual predator stuff.” He highlighted the alleged pattern of finding vulnerable individuals and manipulating them to fulfill McMahon’s desires. Storm further called for a thorough investigation, stating, “Not only should he be booted off the board, take his keys to the office away, bar him from going to shows, and I think there needs to be a legitimate cleaning house of anyone who covered anything up or knew about this.”

While McMahon has vehemently denied the allegations, referring to the lawsuit as “replete with lies,” Storm believes that if the claims are proven true, criminal charges should be brought against all those involved. The wrestling community continues to grapple with the implications of these serious accusations, and the pressure on WWE to address the situation intensifies.

As the controversy surrounding Vince McMahon and the lawsuit unfolds, fans and industry insiders alike eagerly await the company’s response. The future of WWE hangs in the balance, with Storm’s call for a complete severance of ties with McMahon resonating strongly among those seeking justice and accountability within the wrestling world.


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