January 26, 1966 – Jane, Arnna, and Grant Beaumont

On the hot summer morning of Jan. 26, 1966, in Adelaide, South Australia, the Beaumont children took a bus from their home to nearby Glenelg Beach. When 9-year-old Jane, 7-year-old Arnna, and 4-year-old Grant did not return by afternoon, parents Nancy and Jim Beaumont searched for several hours before reporting the trio missing to police.

The police search recovered neither the children nor any physical evidence, but several witnesses reported seeing all three children playing with a man in his mid-30s at the beach. They reportedly left the beach with the man around 12 p.m., in no apparent distress. A media flurry around the case would inspire hoax letters, flimsy leads, and a psychic investigation.

It is still one of Australia’s most well-known missing persons cases.

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  1. I found it interesting that the post mentioned a hot summer morning in January. It’s a reminder of how unpredictable weather patterns can be and how climate change is affecting our seasons. It’s concerning to think about the long-term impacts of these changing weather patterns on our environment and our daily lives. It’s important for us to take action and make sustainable choices to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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