Heartbreaking Theft: Donations for Monterey Park Shooting Survivors Stolen from Local Doughnut Shop

The community of Arcadia was left reeling after a heartless thief broke into Francois Ung’s car, stealing the hard-earned donations meant for the survivors of the tragic Monterey Park dance studio shootings. The incident occurred at Arcadia Donut, the Ungs’ beloved doughnut shop, where they had been collecting funds for the victims’ families and other survivors.

Francois Ung, who had arrived at his business a little later than usual, was taken aback when he noticed a figure rushing away from the shop’s parking lot on his security camera footage. As he stepped outside, he discovered his driver’s side window shattered and the trunk of his car wide open. Unfortunately, due to his tardiness, he had forgotten to bring the laptop and the substantial amount of money they had raised into the shop. Both were now gone, leaving the Ungs devastated.

Determined to catch the thief, Ung embarked on a search through the darkened neighborhood, but the police advised him to return to his business so they could file a report. Lieutenant Tony Juarez of the Monterey Park Police Department confirmed that the incident is currently under investigation.

Based on the security footage shared by Ung on his Instagram, it appears that the thief had been observing him from across the plaza parking lot, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. In less than a minute, the masked culprit smashed the car window, rifled through the trunk, and swiftly disappeared into the night.

Shally Ung, who had witnessed the horrifying shooting at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio, initially hesitated to seek help in coping with the trauma. However, she has now started speaking to a therapist at the MPK Hope Resiliency Center. Following the robbery, a member of the center visited her to offer support.

On Wednesday morning, Shally stood before a partially empty donation jar adorned with a photo of her late dance partner, Andy Kao. With a heavy heart, she expressed her fond memories of Kao, describing him as a kind and genuine person.

In an effort to recoup the stolen funds and cover the damages to their car, the Ungs have launched a GoFundMe campaign, appealing to the community for support during this difficult time.

The theft of these donations, intended to bring solace and assistance to those affected by the Monterey Park tragedy, has left the community shaken. As the investigation unfolds, the hope remains that justice will be served, and the stolen funds will be recovered, allowing the Ungs to fulfill their mission of providing aid to the survivors and families impacted by this senseless act of violence.


Author: CrimeDoor

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