Former LAPD Assistant Chief Alleges Double Standard in Misconduct Investigation

Former LAPD Assistant Chief Alfred “Al” Labrada has filed a claim against the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), alleging a double standard in the handling of misconduct allegations against him compared to another top police official. Labrada, once a potential candidate for the city’s next police chief, was demoted and recommended for firing following allegations of inappropriate monitoring of a female colleague with whom he had a romantic relationship.

Labrada denies the allegations made by LAPD officer Dawn Silva, who accused him of placing an Apple AirTag under her car’s bumper to track her movements during their dissolution of their domestic partnership. Labrada further claims that former LAPD chief Michel Moore violated his due process rights by publicly discussing the case before its resolution.

Silva has sued the city, alleging failure to protect her from backlash after accusing Labrada. A judge recently extended a temporary restraining order against Labrada for another year, prohibiting him from possessing firearms unless certain conditions are met. Prosecutors declined to file criminal charges against Labrada, citing insufficient evidence.

Labrada accuses Moore of leading a campaign to block his career advancement, suggesting that Moore felt threatened amid criticism over morale and staffing shortages. Labrada also alleges a culture of cronyism at the LAPD under Moore, claiming that the chief covered up misconduct by his allies, including another assistant chief, Jorge Villegas, who was involved in an inappropriate relationship with Silva.

The LAPD has investigated the allegations raised by Labrada, with oversight from the inspector general’s office. However, the department has not commented on specific claims made in Labrada’s filing. Labrada’s case has divided the department, with some supporting his allegations of favoritism and bias within the LAPD leadership, while others argue that the internal backlash against Silva reflects broader issues regarding the treatment of women in the department.

Labrada has garnered support from current and former high-ranking Latino LAPD officials who have privately advocated on his behalf. However, their identities remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of internal matters. Labrada’s attorney, Luis Carrillo, accuses Moore of depriving his client of due process rights protected by state law.

Silva filed a lawsuit against the city, alleging sexual discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. The city attorney’s office responded, stating that it was unclear what adverse employment action Silva suffered and highlighting the LAPD’s prompt investigation and corrective measures taken against Labrada.

Labrada’s claim sheds light on a controversial incident involving Silva and Villegas, which Moore allegedly handled discreetly. Villegas retired after being caught engaged in a sexual act with Silva in a car. Labrada claims that Moore called off further surveillance and allowed Villegas to retire quietly, avoiding public embarrassment.

Labrada also alleges a lack of Latino representation within Moore’s inner circle, despite the LAPD being over half Latino. He suggests a pattern of promoting white men over highly qualified Latinos.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. It is unfortunate to hear about the alleged double standard in the handling of misconduct allegations within the LAPD. This situation highlights the importance of fair and unbiased investigations in any organization, especially law enforcement agencies.

    One real-world application of this information is the need for transparency and accountability in all workplaces. It is crucial for organizations to have clear policies and procedures in place to address misconduct allegations and ensure that all employees are treated fairly and equally. This is particularly important in professions where public trust and safety are at

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