Former Dodgers Pitcher Implicated in Tragic Hit-and-Run Case Involving Socialite’s Boyfriend

Former Dodgers Pitcher Implicated in Tragic Hit-and-Run Case Involving Socialite’s Boyfriend

The trial of Rebecca Grossman, a prominent Los Angeles socialite charged with the murder of two young brothers, has taken a dramatic twist. Defense attorneys have pointed the finger at Scott Erickson, a former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher and boyfriend of Grossman, claiming that he was responsible for the tragic fatalities.

During the opening statements, Tony Buzbee, Grossman’s lead attorney, revealed that Erickson was the first to barrel through the Westlake crosswalk, where the children were fatally struck. Buzbee alleged that authorities failed to examine Erickson’s vehicle after the incident, and witnesses are expected to testify that they heard his high-powered black Mercedes SUV racing down the street and witnessed it hitting both boys, propelling them through the air.

Buzbee further stated that video evidence would be presented, showing that Erickson’s vehicle was still traveling at a staggering 70 mph after the collision, a speed that exceeded Grossman’s by more than 20 mph. The defense firmly asserted, “Scott Erickson’s car hit those children. That’s what… the science in this case will show.”

However, prosecutors argued that Grossman, who was trailing Erickson’s SUV, was the one who sped through the marked crosswalk at a speed exceeding 70 mph. They claimed that Grossman had alcohol and drugs in her system, impairing her driving abilities. Grossman is facing charges of second-degree murder, vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, and hit-and-run driving resulting in death.

Graphic testimony is expected from Nancy Iskander, the mother of the two boys, who witnessed the tragic incident. She will recount the horrifying moment when she desperately tried to stop the oncoming vehicles, managing to save one of her sons but unable to reach Jacob and Mark, who were farther into the street.

Prosecutors emphasized that Grossman’s actions demonstrated implied malice, a crucial element in proving second-degree murder. They argued that if Grossman had been driving within the speed limit, the boys would have had enough time to cross the street safely. The prosecution’s witnesses are expected to testify about the speeding SUVs, describing the sound as resembling that of an 18-wheeler.

The black box data from Grossman’s SUV revealed that she was traveling at 73 mph at the time of impact, supporting the assertion that the boys were hit at a speed exceeding 70 mph. Tragically, Mark died from traumatic blunt force injury, while Jacob was internally decapitated.

Prosecutors also highlighted that Grossman failed to stop for over a third of a mile after the collision, only coming to a halt when her Mercedes’ safety systems were triggered. They played a recording of Grossman’s call to a safety operator, where she claimed her airbag had exploded.

Buzbee, however, maintained that Grossman was not the one who fatally struck the children. He suggested that the Iskander brothers were not in the crosswalk and were instead cutting a corner. He argued that the front-end damage to Grossman’s vehicle was caused when one of the boys, initially hit by Erickson, bounced onto her SUV. Buzbee also promised that an expert would testify about why Grossman’s airbag deployed while Erickson’s did not.

The trial is expected to focus on the conflicting accounts of the incident and the investigation’s alleged shortcomings. Both sides will present their evidence, with the defense emphasizing the darkness of the pedestrian crossing and the potential dangers it posed.

As the trial unfolds, the families of both Grossman and the Iskander brothers are left grappling with the immense tragedy that has forever changed their lives. The courtroom drama will undoubtedly captivate the public’s attention as the search for justice continues.

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  1. In this post, it is mentioned that Rebecca Grossman, a well-known socialite in Los Angeles, is on trial for the murder of two young brothers. The post also highlights that the trial has taken a dramatic twist.

    My insight on this matter is that the involvement of a prominent socialite in such a serious crime adds an element of intrigue to the trial. It raises questions about the motivations and circumstances surrounding the alleged murder. The twist mentioned in the post could potentially involve new evidence, unexpected witnesses

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