Footballers in Malaysia Targeted in Recent Attacks, Prompting Security Measures

Footballers in Malaysia Targeted in Recent Attacks, Prompting Security Measures

Footballers in Malaysia have become the victims of a series of targeted attacks, leading to heightened security measures and concerns for player safety. The latest incident involved former captain Safiq Rahim, whose car was attacked by two assailants wielding a hammer. The incident occurred late on Tuesday in southern Johor state, following a training session with Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT), one of Asia’s top clubs. Rahim, who posted a photo of his damaged vehicle on Instagram, was unharmed in the attack.

This incident follows two other attacks on footballers in Malaysia within the past week. Faisal Halim, a star forward for Selangor Football Club and the national team, suffered fourth-degree burns after being splashed with acid outside Kuala Lumpur. Halim’s condition remains critical but stable, with his movement and speech affected. The motive behind the attack is currently under investigation.

In response to these incidents, the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has recommended that high-profile players consider hiring bodyguards for personal protection. FAM President Hamidin Mohamad Amin emphasized the need for vigilance and highlighted the precautions taken by overseas footballers.

Selangor Football Club has also heightened security measures for its players, officials, and staff following the acid attack on Faisal Halim. The club’s CEO, Johan Kamal Hamidon, confirmed the increased security but did not provide further details.

The recent attacks have raised concerns about the mental health of players as the new season is set to begin on Friday. Shahril Mokhtar, the deputy president of the Football Association of Selangor, expressed shock and disappointment over the incidents and emphasized the need for support and recovery for the affected players.

Meanwhile, three days prior to the acid attack, national team player Akhyar Rashid was injured in a robbery outside his home in Terengganu. The police have stated that these incidents are unrelated.

As investigations continue into these targeted attacks, the Malaysian FA has urged fans to stand in solidarity with Faisal Halim, posting messages of support on social media.

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  1. This is absolutely outrageous! How can anyone justify attacking footballers? These players are just trying to do what they love and entertain the fans. It’s disgraceful that they have become victims of such targeted attacks in Malaysia.

    Football should be a sport that brings people together, not one that incites violence and fear. These attacks not only put the players’ lives at risk but also tarnish the reputation of the entire football community in Malaysia.

    The authorities need to take immediate action to ensure the safety of

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