Diners Arrested for Multiple “Dine and Dash” Incidents Totaling Over $1,200 in Wales

Diners Arrested for Multiple “Dine and Dash” Incidents Totaling Over ,200 in Wales

A couple from Sandsfield, Port Talbot, Wales, has been apprehended for a series of “dine and dash” incidents that resulted in stolen meals worth more than $1,200. Ann McDonagh, 39, and Bernard McDonagh, 41, are facing charges of fraud and theft after allegedly dining at five restaurants within a 30-mile radius and leaving without paying their bills.

According to Metro, the McDonaghs executed their scheme by dining at various establishments and then swiftly departing without settling their tabs. The couple targeted restaurants in the area, taking advantage of the fact that local law enforcement did not initially consider the matter an emergency.

One of the affected restaurants, La Casona, revealed that the McDonaghs followed a consistent modus operandi. They would arrive at the eatery with four other individuals, order and consume expensive meals, often exceeding $400 in value. As the group finished their meals, the four accomplices would promptly exit, leaving Ann McDonagh and a young child behind to “pay” the bill.

La Casona recounted an incident where Ann McDonagh attempted to pay with a declined card and promised to retrieve another from her car. While she left, the child remained in the restaurant. However, within seconds, the child also fled towards the car. Despite providing CCTV footage, photos, and the vehicle’s registration plate number, the restaurant was informed by the police that they could only file a report as it was not deemed an emergency.

Kinga Szczesniak, the manager of La Casona, expressed frustration at the lack of progress in the investigation. Two months had passed without any contact from the police, and when the restaurant inquired about the case, they were told that the previously submitted evidence was no longer available. In response, La Casona took matters into their own hands and shared the story, along with CCTV images, on Facebook to raise awareness about the repeat offenders plaguing the local dining scene.

Another restaurant, Bella Ciao, fell victim to the McDonaghs’ scheme just a day before the social media post. It was also discovered that the family had targeted The River House Restaurant in August of the previous year. All affected restaurants reported the incidents to the police, but the response and progress in the investigation have been unsatisfactory.

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  1. This is absolutely outrageous! How can people stoop so low as to steal meals worth over $1,200 through a series of “dine and dash” incidents? It’s not only a blatant disregard for the hard work and effort put in by the restaurant staff, but it’s also a slap in the face to all honest, hardworking individuals who pay for their meals like responsible members of society.

    These individuals from Sandsfield, Port Talbot, Wales, need to be held accountable for their

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