Deputy Defense Minister Detained on Bribery Charges in Russia

Deputy Defense Minister Detained on Bribery Charges in Russia

Russian security services have detained Timur Ivanov, Deputy Defense Minister and ally of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, on suspicion of accepting major bribes. This high-profile corruption case comes amidst President Vladimir Putin’s military intervention in Ukraine since February 2022. Ivanov, who faces 15 years in jail if convicted, was detained on Tuesday, as confirmed by Russia’s investigative committee.

The arrest of Ivanov, who was responsible for property management, housing, construction, and mortgages at the defense ministry, has sparked speculation about internal power struggles within the elite and a potential crackdown on corruption within Russia’s armed forces. President Putin and Defense Minister Shoigu have been informed about the detention.

Reports suggest that Ivanov, 48, was arrested by the Federal Security Service (FSB), the successor to the Soviet-era KGB. While there is no official confirmation, it is rumored that other individuals have also been detained in connection with the case. Ivanov’s properties are currently being searched.

The involvement of FSB military counter-intelligence indicates the seriousness of the investigation. The reasons behind targeting such a high-ranking official closely associated with Shoigu remain unclear. Russian military bloggers have long accused top generals of corruption and incompetence, particularly following the army’s hasty withdrawal from parts of Ukraine after overextending itself during the initial days of the invasion.

Ivanov has been linked to the ostentatious opulence prevalent among sections of the post-Soviet Russian elite, including luxurious real estate and extravagant parties. In 2022, Russia’s Anti-Corruption Foundation, led by the late opposition leader Alexei Navalny, alleged that Ivanov and his family led a lavish lifestyle.

Born in Moscow, Ivanov graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in mathematics and completed a dissertation on organizational models for the construction of nuclear power plants. He climbed the ranks in Russia’s state atomic energy sector and served as an adviser to the energy minister before becoming the deputy head of the Moscow region’s government under Shoigu’s governorship. Since 2013, Ivanov has headed a defense ministry construction company involved in building housing for soldiers and high-security installations.

Forbes magazine has listed Ivanov as one of the wealthiest individuals in Russia’s security structures.

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