Couple Arrested for Attempted Robbery of Limited-Edition Starbucks Cup at South Bay Store

CUPERTINO – A couple in their 20s has been apprehended by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office following an extensive investigation into an attempted robbery at a Target store in Cupertino earlier this year. The incident occurred on January 3 at the Target located on Stevens Creek Blvd.

According to Deputy Felicia Segura, customers had gathered at the store for the highly sought-after winter pink Starbucks x Stanley tumbler release. However, the store declined to sell the limited-edition 40-ounce cup to the couple after other customers reported that they had cut the line.

In response to being denied the purchase, the male suspect leaped over the counter of the Starbucks inside the Target, forcefully pushing a barista aside, and seized a box containing one of the coveted cups. As he attempted to flee, a customer blocked his path and tackled him to the ground.

Meanwhile, the female suspect assaulted the customer by throwing punches, providing the male suspect with an opportunity to regain his footing. She then attempted to snatch a bag containing another cup. The couple managed to escape the scene before law enforcement arrived.

However, on Tuesday, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Apprehension and Surveillance Team successfully apprehended the couple. They were subsequently booked into the Main Jail in San Jose on charges of robbery.

The winter pink Starbucks x Stanley tumbler has gained immense popularity in recent years, with restocks selling out within minutes and generating viral videos on social media. Unfortunately, these limited-edition cups have also become a target for thieves.

In a separate incident in January, a 23-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of stealing approximately $2,500 worth of merchandise from a Northern California store.

Author: CrimeDoor

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