Couple Arrested After Police Raid Uncovers Hoard of Illegal Drugs Near 1-Year-Old Child

Couple Arrested After Police Raid Uncovers Hoard of Illegal Drugs Near 1-Year-Old Child

A couple in San Jose has been apprehended and charged with multiple criminal offenses following a police raid that exposed a cache of illicit drugs scattered throughout their residence, dangerously close to their 1-year-old child. Octavian Moreno, 27, and Krystal Delgado, 23, were taken into custody after law enforcement executed a search warrant at their San Jose home on Tuesday. The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office has charged them with possession of illegal drugs for sale, child endangerment, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

The search warrant was obtained as a result of an investigation conducted by the county’s Specialized Enforcement Team, which was focused on suspected drug sales associated with the couple. Upon entering the premises, police officers discovered the couple’s toddler son playing in his playpen just a few feet away from one of the bags of marijuana that had been seized. The team confiscated a significant amount of illegal substances, including 13 pounds of fentanyl pills divided into plastic bags, 13 pounds of marijuana, and a pound and a half of cocaine. Additionally, two digital scales and approximately $4,000 in cash were seized as evidence. Shockingly, the cocaine was found in the kitchen near the baby’s formula, while a firearm was discovered in an unlocked drawer in the same room.

District Attorney Jeff Rosen, referring to two previous cases involving fentanyl-related deaths of infants, emphasized the potential danger posed by the couple’s actions. The tragic deaths of 18-month-old Winter Rayo and 3-month-old Phoenix Castro, who ingested lethal doses of fentanyl, were prosecuted by his office. Rosen expressed relief that another name would not be added to the list of victims in this case.

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