Colombian Authorities Intercept Narco Sub Loaded with 4 Tons of Cocaine

Colombian and Ecuadorian naval forces, along with the Colombian Air Force, successfully intercepted a semi-submersible vessel loaded with over four tons of cocaine during a joint operation off the Pacific coast of Colombia. The operation, initially intended as a search-and-rescue mission for two missing fishermen, took an unexpected turn when authorities detected a suspicious vessel near the Ecuadorian border.

Sailors from the Colombian Navy boarded the 50-foot-long semi-submersible and discovered 205 packages of cocaine, which were later confirmed through testing. The seizure, accompanied by images and video footage released by the navy, showcased officers unloading bundles of the alleged narcotics.

Four individuals found on board the narco sub were promptly arrested, and approximately 4.5 tons of cocaine were confiscated. The navy emphasized that this seizure prevented the entry of more than $137 million into drug trafficking organizations and thwarted the distribution of over 10 million doses worldwide.

While the search for the missing fishermen continues, naval units from Colombia and Ecuador are combing an area spanning 120 nautical miles. The fishermen were last seen in a canoe-type boat in the same vicinity.

This significant drug seizure follows closely on the heels of another interception by the Colombian Navy a few weeks ago. In that operation, a semi-submersible carrying over 1,000 pounds of cocaine was apprehended in the Pacific Ocean. Narco subs, which cannot fully submerge, are favored by international drug traffickers due to their ability to evade detection.

Colombia has been a hotspot for such interceptions, with the navy reporting the capture of at least 20 semi-submersibles in 2023 alone. These operations have resulted in the seizure of 30 tons of cocaine and over five tons of marijuana. Notably, Colombia is responsible for approximately 60% of the world’s cocaine production.

The United Nations released a report in September, revealing a 24% increase in potential coca production in Colombia since 2021. This alarming trend underscores the ongoing battle against drug cartels in the country.

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