Breakthrough in 35-Year-Old Homicide Case: Arrest Made in Prince Edward Island Murder

In a stunning development, police in Prince Edward Island have announced a major breakthrough in a 35-year-old homicide case that has haunted the province for decades. Chief Brad MacConnell of the Charlottetown Police Services revealed at a press conference on January 26 that a suspect has been arrested in connection with the 1988 murder of Byron Carr.

The accused, identified as 56-year-old Todd Joseph Gallant, also known as Todd Joseph Irving, was taken into custody on January 25. Gallant, a resident of Souris, P.E.I., has been charged with first-degree murder and interfering with human remains. Chief MacConnell emphasized that the use of advanced DNA and genetic genealogy technology played a crucial role in leading them to Gallant.

Byron Carr, a beloved teacher and member of the gay community, was found strangled and stabbed in his home. The crime scene was marked by a chilling message that read, “I will kill again.” Chief MacConnell acknowledged that the note, along with other evidence, suggested a possible hate-motivated crime. He expressed hope that the truth behind the motive would be uncovered as the investigation progresses.

The murder of Byron Carr deeply impacted the community, particularly the LGBTQIA2S+ community, during a time when acceptance and inclusivity were scarce. Chief MacConnell highlighted the challenges faced by individuals like Carr, who had to conceal their sexuality and take unnecessary risks due to societal prejudices.

Investigators believe that Carr was killed following a sexual encounter with another male, based on evidence found at the crime scene. The case remained unsolved for decades, causing trauma to generations of Islanders. However, recent advancements in DNA testing and genetic genealogy finally provided a breakthrough.

Todd Joseph Gallant, who was 21 years old and living in Charlottetown at the time of the murder, subsequently moved to Texas and then Arkansas. He returned to Prince Edward Island in 2022, ultimately leading to his arrest. Chief MacConnell expressed gratitude to the Carr family for their patience and support throughout the lengthy investigation.

While the arrest of Gallant marks a significant milestone, Chief MacConnell revealed that a second suspect, recently apprehended in connection with the case, was released on January 25. The investigation is ongoing to determine the extent of this individual’s involvement in the activities surrounding Byron Carr’s death.

As the community grapples with the long-awaited progress in this cold case, the hope is that justice will finally be served for Byron Carr and his loved ones. The police chief assured the Carr family that although there is still work to be done, this arrest brings them one step closer to finding closure and peace of mind.

John Carr, Byron’s brother, tearfully expressed his gratitude to the investigating officers and the public for their support over the past 35 years. He acknowledged the overwhelming response from individuals who reached out with information, demonstrating the community’s determination to seek justice.

The arrest of Todd Joseph Gallant has sent shockwaves through Prince Edward Island, as the province confronts the dark secrets of its past. The resolve to uncover the truth behind this heinous crime remains unwavering, as the investigation continues to shed light on the events surrounding Byron Carr’s tragic death.


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  1. This breakthrough in the 35-year-old homicide case is like finding the missing piece of a puzzle that has been tormenting the people of Prince Edward Island for decades. It’s as if they have finally discovered the key that unlocks the truth and brings closure to a long-standing mystery.

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