Attorneys Question Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade in Misconduct Hearing

Attorneys are currently questioning special prosecutor Nathan Wade in a misconduct hearing in Atlanta, Georgia. The hearing aims to determine whether District Attorney Fani Willis should be removed from the election interference case against Donald Trump, where Wade is serving as a special prosecutor. This development comes after Robin Yeartie, a friend of Willis, testified on Thursday, contradicting Willis’ statement that her relationship with Wade began after his hiring.

If Willis is removed from the case, it would have significant implications, as it is the most extensive of the four criminal cases against Trump. Furthermore, any delay resulting from her removal would likely reduce the chances of a trial taking place before the November election, where Trump is expected to be the Republican nominee for president.

In a separate hearing in New York, a judge is expected to confirm whether Trump’s hush-money criminal case will proceed to trial next month. The ongoing Georgia hearing, which is being broadcast live, has the potential to delve into uncomfortable details surrounding the relationship between Willis and Wade.

Throughout the case, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee has made efforts to minimize drama in the courtroom and keep the focus on legal arguments. He has expressed his intention to swiftly address any harassment or undue embarrassment, ensuring the proceedings remain focused on the relevant issues.

The allegations of an inappropriate relationship between Willis and Wade emerged last month in a motion filed by Trump’s co-defendant, Michael Roman. Trump and several other co-defendants have since joined Roman in seeking to dismiss the indictment against them and disqualify Willis from the case. The motion claims that Willis paid Wade significant sums and benefited personally from their relationship, creating a conflict of interest.

Willis and Wade have acknowledged a “personal relationship” but denied any financial benefit to the district attorney. They stated that the relationship began in 2022, after Wade was hired, and that they shared travel expenses but never lived together. Willis has argued that there is no financial or personal conflict of interest that justifies her removal from the case.

Judge McAfee has indicated that Willis could be disqualified if evidence demonstrates an actual conflict or appearance of one. He has outlined the questions he intends to explore during the hearing, including the nature and timing of the relationship between Willis and Wade, as well as any personal benefits resulting from it.

Ashleigh Merchant, Roman’s lawyer, has subpoenaed Willis, Wade, seven other employees of the district attorney’s office, and Terrence Bradley, Wade’s former business partner. Merchant has stated that Bradley will testify that Willis and Wade’s relationship began before Wade’s hiring as a special prosecutor. McAfee has declined Willis’ request to quash these subpoenas but has agreed to revisit the matter after Bradley testifies.

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