April 12, 1981 – The Keddie Murders

In April 1981, the tranquil setting of the Keddie Resort in the Sierra Nevada mountains was shattered by a gruesome discovery. Sheila Sharp, returning from a sleepover, walked into cabin 28 to find her mother, Sue Sharp, her brother John, and his friend Dana Hall Wingate brutally murdered. The scene was horrific; the victims were bound and had suffered extensive blunt-force trauma. Nearby, a bloody knife and hammer were found, which pointed to the violence of the attack. Shockingly, Sue’s two younger sons and their friend were in another room, unharmed and seemingly unaware of the brutal slaying that had taken place. The family had been living in the cabin since the previous autumn after Sue separated from her abusive husband.

The investigation into the murders was fraught with complications from the start. No forced entry was apparent, and the home seemed secured from the inside, with the telephone left off the hook and all curtains drawn. The absence of a clear motive puzzled authorities, further complicated by the discovery that Sue’s daughter, Tina, was missing from the scene. It was not until three years later that her remains were found miles away near Feather Falls, yet her cause of death remained undetermined. Witnesses in a neighboring cabin reported hearing muffled screams on the night of the murders, but it was unclear from where they originated, adding to the mystery.

The case of the Keddie murders remains one of the most perplexing unsolved cases in U.S. criminal history. Over the years, several leads and suspects emerged, but none led to a resolution. In 2016, new DNA evidence and the recovery of a potential murder weapon from a nearby pond rekindled interest, yet the identity of the perpetrators still eludes law enforcement. This case intrigues and frustrates investigators, serving as a haunting reminder of the limits of forensic science and criminal psychology in solving cold cases.

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  1. For readers interested in learning more about the Keddie Resort murders, I recommend the documentary “Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders.” This film delves into the details of the case, including interviews with surviving family members and investigators. It provides a comprehensive look at the events that took place and the ongoing mystery surrounding the murders. Additionally, there are several true crime podcasts and articles available that discuss the Keddie Resort murders in depth, offering different perspectives and theories.

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