Allegations Against Former Brigham and Women’s Hospital Rheumatologist Dr. Derrick Todd Rise to 206

The number of individuals accusing former Brigham and Women’s Hospital rheumatologist Dr. Derrick Todd of performing unnecessary pelvic and breast exams has now reached 206. Lead counsel Bill Thompson consolidated all previous lawsuits filed against Todd since last fall and filed a complaint with the Suffolk Superior Court on Wednesday. The plaintiffs include three men and one nonbinary person, as confirmed by Thompson.

The allegations of sexual abuse against Todd were initially reported by the Boston Globe in October. Following an investigation into two complaints submitted by physicians at the hospital, Todd resigned from his position at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in July, after the hospital threatened to terminate his employment. The new complaint, obtained by the Boston Globe, reveals that in addition to the alleged unnecessary and intimate exams, Todd saw patients outside of regular hours and sent them invasive and personal text messages.

According to the complaint, the exams were conducted without a chaperone, gloves, or lubricant, and inappropriate breast exams were performed on both adults and teenagers. Since the initial complaints were filed against Todd in April, he has been under investigation by the Suffolk County district attorney and the Boston Police Department. Several lawsuits were filed against him last fall, naming the hospitals where Todd worked as defendants.

Todd’s lawyers have acknowledged that he “performed inappropriate pelvic examinations, breast examinations, and rectal examinations on patients.” The new lawsuit further claims that Todd conducted unnecessary testicular and rectal exams, allegedly for his own sexual gratification. One of the plaintiffs stated, “These examinations were performed for his own sexual gratification.” Another lawsuit filed in October described Todd as a “serial sexual predator” and accused him of grooming the patient, making her undress in front of him, and groping her breasts and genitals without any medical purpose.

Todd’s lawyer has denied all allegations, stating that Todd will defend his care as the case progresses through the Superior Court. Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital and Charles River Medical Associates, where Todd worked, are among the three dozen defendants named in the new lawsuit. Court documents suggest that the hospitals breached their duty of care by allowing inappropriate examinations to occur. The lawsuit also alleges that there was some knowledge of Todd’s activities dating back to 2010.

In September, Todd was prohibited from practicing medicine in Massachusetts or any other state. A spokesperson for Mass General Brigham, the parent company of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, stated that the first reports of possible misconduct by Dr. Todd were received last spring, prompting an immediate investigation. The spokesperson emphasized that there were no prior reports of these troubling allegations.

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  2. Smith of sexual misconduct continues to rise. It is disheartening to see yet another case of abuse of power in the medical field. I would be interested to hear the author’s thoughts on how we can prevent such incidents from happening in the future and ensure the safety and well-being of patients.

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