Alexis Gabe Disappearance: A Comprehensive Look at the Case

Alexis Gabe Disappearance: A Comprehensive Look at the Case

The mysterious disappearance of Alexis Gabe on January 26, 2022, has captivated the East Bay community, sparking a massive search effort, a homicide investigation, and an outpouring of grief and support. As the case unfolded, Marshall Curtis Jones III, Gabe’s ex-boyfriend, quickly emerged as the prime suspect, with his suspicious actions and incriminating evidence deepening suspicions against him. However, before police could extract a confession, Jones met a fatal end in a confrontation with U.S. Marshals.

Gabe, a 23-year-old resident of Oakley, vanished after visiting Jones at his Antioch home that evening. A Facetime call with a close friend provided a description of Gabe’s attire, confirming her plans to meet with Jones. Concerns grew when Gabe failed to respond to texts and calls, prompting her family to report her missing to Oakley police the following day.

The investigation took a significant turn when Gabe’s blue Infinity was discovered parked a few blocks from her home, with surveillance footage capturing an unidentified man wearing a medical face mask and a black hoodie walking away from the vehicle. Jones, who admitted Gabe’s visit but claimed she left on her own accord, drew further suspicion when his internet search history revealed inquiries about conspiracy to commit murder and the decomposition of a body.

A breakthrough in the case came from Ring camera footage obtained from Jones’ mother’s home in Antioch. The video showed Jones unloading heavy garbage bags from his car, muttering to himself, “I didn’t wanna do it, but I did it.” Subsequent searches of the residence uncovered plane tickets to Washington and a missing persons flyer for Gabe discarded in a trash can.

Further evidence emerged when drops of Gabe’s blood were discovered during a search of Jones’ home. Tracking data from a device affixed to Jones’ mother’s vehicle revealed a trip to the Delta region, while cellphone pings indicated his presence at his sister’s residence in Vacaville. The sister disclosed finding a pistol in the couch cushions where Jones had been sleeping and a handwritten note containing directions to a remote area in Amador County.

After an extensive search, Gabe’s remains were eventually found in two separate locations in Amador County, approximately 10 miles apart. The exact cause of death remains under investigation. Meanwhile, Jones met his demise when he confronted U.S. Marshals in Washington, brandishing a knife and prompting them to use lethal force.

Although Alicia Coleman-Clark, Jones’ mother, was arrested on suspicion of being an accessory, Contra Costa prosecutors declined to press charges. Gabe’s family has urged a reevaluation of the case, which may occur once the forensic examination of Gabe’s remains concludes.

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