The Geneva County Massacre

10 Dead In Man's Murderous Rampage

Crime Types: Murdered, Arson, Familicide, Mass Murder, Shot, Suicide, Survivor,

Tag: Murdered

On March 10, 2009, 10 people were shot and killed in several Alabama towns close to the Florida border. Lisa McLendon was first to be murdered. She was shot execution-style while lying face down on her couch. McLendon’s three dogs had also been shot and their bodies were piled on top of her. The bodies were then covered in accelerant and set on fire.

The gunman was quickly identified as Lisa McLendon’s son Mark. Twelve miles from Lisa’s home, in the town of Samson, Mark opened fire on three more members of his family. He also killed neighbor Andrea Myers and her 18-month-old daughter. Mark McLendon then shot and killed his grandmother who lived next door.

Following these murders McLendon drove through Samson shooting at residents through his car’s window. 3 more people were killed. Finally, cornered by authorities in a building, Mark McLendon took his own life.

LOCATION VERIFIED Reliable Products at 1300 Enterprise Rd is where suicide/perp capture occurred: 31.06099, -85.86015