Wyoming Teen Fatally Stabbed in Feud with Alleged Attackers

A tragic incident unfolded in Casper, Wyoming, as 15-year-old Bobby Maher was fatally stabbed while trying to protect his girlfriend from two alleged attackers. Dominique Harris and Jarreth Plunkett, both 15, have been charged as adults with conspiracy to commit murder, aggravated assault, battery, and theft. Plunkett also faces a first-degree murder charge for allegedly stabbing Maher.

According to officials, the suspects had been engaged in a weeks-long feud with Maher, stemming from a confrontation that occurred two weeks prior during spring break at a local park. Maher had reportedly referred to Harris and Plunkett as “freaks” after they entered a port-a-potty together. In response, Plunkett asked Maher’s friend if he wanted to fight them to settle the “blood debt” incurred from the port-a-potty incident.

On the day of the incident, Harris and Plunkett stole Red Bulls, sour candy, and two kitchen knives from a Target store at the Eastridge Mall. Harris handed off the stolen knife to another person due to being on probation for previous theft charges. Meanwhile, Maher arrived at the mall after his girlfriend informed him that the two suspects were following her and a friend. Maher attempted to protect his girlfriend and her friend by urging them to leave while confronting the suspects.

Surveillance footage captured the altercation, showing Maher clearly trying to avoid a fight and moving away from Plunkett, who was wielding a knife. Maher raised his hands to indicate he was unarmed. Plunkett allegedly asked Harris to put the knife away, to which Plunkett responded, “I don’t play fair.” Moments later, Harris forcefully slammed Maher to the ground and repeatedly punched him. Plunkett then stabbed Maher with the kitchen-style knife.

After the attack, the suspects fled the scene and discarded the bloodied knife and their masks in the mall parking lot. Both Harris and Plunkett attended the same middle school as Maher, known to their peers as “JJ and Dom.”

The community has been deeply affected by this tragedy, with Maher’s father expressing his devastation on social media. A “Blue Hearts for Bobby” Facebook group has been created to honor Maher’s memory, and a candlelight vigil is planned for Thursday.

During their initial court hearing, Harris and Plunkett had their bonds set at $500,000 and $450,000, respectively.

Author: CrimeDoor

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