Woman’s Windshield Smashed in Disturbing Encounter with Man in Southeastern Brisbane Suburb

A woman driving home in a southeastern suburb of Brisbane had a terrifying encounter with a man who allegedly jumped on her car hood and smashed her windshield with his fists. The incident occurred around 7.30 p.m. on Saturday on Freeth St West in Ormiston, as reported by 9News.

The driver, who preferred to remain anonymous, recounted the harrowing incident. She noticed a man and a woman engaged in a heated argument while walking on the road. Concerned, she slowed down and attempted to drive around them. However, the man obstructed her path, leaping onto her car hood and repeatedly striking the windshield with his fists.

The suddenness of the attack left the driver in shock. She claimed that the man even tried to force his way into her vehicle through the locked passenger door. Trapped between the aggressive man and the woman behind her car, she found herself unable to speed away or reverse without risking harm to others. The car’s safety features prevented her from moving forward until the man finally jumped off the hood, allowing her to escape.

Despite the shattered windshield falling on her and causing cuts to her hands, the driver managed to navigate her way home, although she admitted to having limited visibility. She immediately proceeded to Cleveland Police Station to report the incident. Queensland Police are currently investigating the matter.

Author: CrimeDoor

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