Woman’s Dog Saves Her from Attack in Fort Collins Park

Woman’s Dog Saves Her from Attack in Fort Collins Park

In a harrowing incident that unfolded late Sunday night, a woman’s evening stroll in a Fort Collins park turned into a terrifying attack. However, her loyal canine companion came to her rescue, biting the assailant and allowing her to escape. Fort Collins police spokesperson J. Gilmore provided details of the incident, which began when a distressed woman called 911 around 11 p.m., audibly pleading with a man to release her.

Swiftly responding to the suspicious circumstance report, officers were able to trace the victim’s phone to Lee Martinez Community Park. Upon arrival, they encountered the woman, who promptly directed them to a man trailing behind her. According to Gilmore, the victim informed the officers that she had been fending off the assailant for a grueling 20 minutes before her dog intervened, biting him in the face and providing her with an opportunity to flee.

Unfortunately, specific information regarding the dog’s age, breed, and name remains undisclosed at this time. However, it is worth noting that the victim had no prior connection to the suspect, who had recently arrived in Fort Collins from Boulder and had been residing in the park.

Law enforcement wasted no time in apprehending the alleged attacker. Seth Estabrooks, a 39-year-old individual, was arrested without resistance by Fort Collins police officers. Estabrooks now faces three felony charges, including second-degree assault, strangulation; unlawful sexual contact with force or threat; and false imprisonment by force. He is currently being held at the Larimer County Jail, with a court date scheduled for May 14. It is important to mention that Estabrooks has a history of convictions in Boulder County, including obstructing a peace officer, theft, menacing, felony menacing with a weapon, criminal mischief, and drug possession.

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