Woman Who Shot Up Joel Osteen’s Mega-Church Had History of Intimidation and Mental Illness

A woman identified as Genesse Ivonne Moreno, 36, who opened fire at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, had a troubling history of intimidation and mental illness, according to neighbors and official reports. Prior to the shocking attack on Sunday, Moreno had been terrorizing her Conroe neighborhood, frequently brandishing guns and crossbows while making Nazi salutes. Neighbors reported feeling threatened by her actions, with police being called to her residence multiple times.

Witnesses described Moreno’s daily routine of bringing gun cases in and out of her home, accompanied by offensive gestures, verbal abuse, and attempts to run over neighbors with her car. Her behavior was a constant source of fear and distress for those living nearby. Authorities also discovered that Moreno had a documented history of mental illness.

Moreno’s 7-year-old special-needs son, whom she referred to only as “the boy,” was tragically taken to the church during the attack. Divorce records revealed that Moreno demonstrated no attachment to her son, making no eye contact and using impersonal terms to refer to him. The child’s father, Moreno’s ex-husband, is a registered sex offender.

Investigations into Moreno’s background revealed a lengthy rap sheet, with charges ranging from forgery to theft and assault. She had used both male and female aliases, leading to speculation about her gender identity. However, investigators confirmed that Moreno identified as female.

On the day of the incident, Moreno entered Lakewood Church between services, armed with an AR-style rifle adorned with a “Palestine” sticker. She opened fire, prompting two off-duty officers, Houston cop Christopher Moreno (no relation to the shooter), and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Agent Adrian Herrera, to return fire, ultimately killing her. Tragically, during the exchange, Moreno’s son sustained a gunshot wound to the head. It remains unclear whether the child was accidentally shot by one of the officers. A 57-year-old bystander also suffered a gunshot wound to the hip but has since been discharged from the hospital.


Author: CrimeDoor

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