Woman Traumatized After Filming Bloody Mayhem on NYC A-Train

Woman Traumatized After Filming Bloody Mayhem on NYC A-Train

A woman named Sherri Paul, who captured the horrifying incident that unfolded on a northbound A train in Brooklyn this week, has expressed her deep trauma and vowed to never ride the New York City rails again. Speaking from her residence on Saturday, Paul revealed that she continues to suffer from physical and emotional distress, stating, “I’m not feeling good. I’m still traumatized. I can’t even step outside.” She recounted being trampled during the chaos that ensued on the train.

The incident occurred on Thursday around 4:45 p.m. when DaJuan Robinson, who had illegally entered the subway system in Brooklyn, began acting aggressively towards fellow passenger Younece Obuad. Robinson, 36, taunted Obuad, displayed a knife, and eventually pulled out a handgun. Law enforcement sources have indicated that Robinson appeared to have targeted Obuad under the false assumption that he was a recent migrant.

According to Paul, Obuad did not pay any attention to Robinson as the train approached the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station. However, Robinson persisted in his harassment. Paul does not believe Obuad should face charges, but she also does not consider him a hero, questioning, “He was defending himself, but is killing [shooting someone] a good thing?”

During the scuffle between Robinson and Obuad, the latter managed to shoot Robinson four times, including through the eye, leaving him in critical condition. Paul was able to record most of the incident on her phone. She emphasized the need for increased security measures in the city, suggesting the addition of more security cameras or police officers. “There was no police. It [the incident] was like thirty seconds before the train stopped. Imagine if it was two minutes or three minutes,” she expressed.

Joyce Philippe, a journalist with ABC News who also witnessed the chaos on the train and posted a video, stated on Saturday that she was still shaken and traumatized but feeling better.

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  1. It’s truly heartbreaking to hear about Sherri Paul’s traumatic experience on the A train in Brooklyn. It’s understandable that she would feel deeply affected by such a horrifying incident. Public transportation should be a safe and reliable mode of transportation for everyone, and incidents like these can shake people’s trust in the system. It’s unfortunate that Sherri now feels she can never ride the New York City rails again. Hopefully, authorities take this incident seriously and work towards ensuring the safety of all commuters.

  2. I can relate to Sherri Paul’s traumatic experience on public transportation. A few years ago, I was on a crowded subway train during rush hour in my city. As the train pulled into a station, a group of rowdy teenagers got on and started causing a disturbance. They were shouting, pushing people, and even vandalizing the train.

    I, along with many other passengers, felt scared and helpless in that situation. The atmosphere quickly turned tense, and people were trying to move away from the

  3. Did you know that the New York City subway system is one of the oldest and largest public transportation systems in the world? It has a total of 472 stations and covers a distance of 245 miles, making it a crucial mode of transportation for millions of people every day.

  4. As someone who relies on public transportation in a busy city, this incident is truly alarming. It’s disheartening to hear about such traumatic experiences, and it’s understandable that Sherri Paul has decided to never ride the New York City rails again.

    Personally, this incident has made me reflect on my own safety while using public transportation. My goal is to be more vigilant and aware of my surroundings. I plan to take extra precautions such as avoiding empty train cars, standing near the conductor’s booth,

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