Woman Speaks Out About Random Attack in Manhattan Amidst TikTok Assault Trend

A New York City woman, Sarah Harvard, has come forward to share her experience of being randomly attacked in Manhattan, adding to a growing number of incidents reported on TikTok. The assault, which occurred on March 19 on Delancey Street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, has prompted Harvard to speak out after witnessing similar incidents being shared on the social media platform.

Harvard, a 29-year-old stand-up comedian, described the moment of the attack as disorienting, stating, “[It was] like someone just put my brain in a jar and just shook it.” Despite experiencing a headache and dizziness, she did not seek medical treatment and even hosted a comedy show immediately after the incident. Harvard’s resilience reflects what she calls the “New York tough” mentality, where seeking medical attention is only necessary if there are visible injuries.

In an interview with NewsNation, Harvard expressed her belief that the man who attacked Parsons student Mikayla Toninato was the same person who assaulted her. Toninato had shared her own account of an alleged assault on TikTok, which occurred as she left the Greenwich Village Design College. Although Harvard only saw the backside of the attacker as he fled the scene, she noted similarities in physical appearance, hairstyle, and fashion sense, leading her to believe it was the same individual. Harvard intends to provide the police with a photo and hopes that CCTV footage and testimonies from other witnesses will aid in identifying the suspect.

The NYPD has confirmed that they do not have any official complaints on record regarding Harvard’s assault. However, on the same day, they charged a 40-year-old Brooklyn man in connection with an attack on Halley Kate Mcgookin in Chelsea. Mcgookin’s TikTok video recounting the incident garnered significant attention, amassing 46 million views. She believes that the popularity of her post influenced the platform’s algorithm to promote similar videos.

Mcgookin commended the NYPD for their prompt response and arrest of the suspect, urging other victims to report their assaults and provide as much detail as possible. The recent wave of TikTok assault videos has shed light on the importance of raising awareness and seeking justice for victims.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Wow, it’s really concerning to hear about incidents like these happening in New York City. I’m curious to know what the author thinks about the role of social media platforms like TikTok in raising awareness about these attacks. Do they believe that sharing these experiences on TikTok is an effective way to bring attention to the issue and potentially help prevent future incidents? Or do they have any concerns about the potential drawbacks or limitations of using social media in this way? I’d love to hear their thoughts or opinions

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