Woman Shot Multiple Times by Deputies in Houston Home Invasion Incident

Newly released bodycam footage has captured the shocking moment when law enforcement officers opened fire on a woman who had entered her friend’s Houston home with permission but had forgotten her key. The incident, which occurred on February 3, has raised concerns about the use of unnecessary and excessive force by the deputies involved.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office recently released the point-of-view footage, revealing the events that unfolded during the incident. It began when a caller reported an intruder in her apartment at 90 Uvalde Road. Upon arriving at the scene, the deputies found the woman’s home to be secure. However, another resident informed them that someone had broken into an apartment upstairs.

The bodycam footage shows two female deputies proceeding upstairs, where they observed signs of a break-in, including a removed front window screen, broken glass, and raised blinds near the front door. They knocked on the door, announced themselves, and then stepped back while keeping their guns drawn. As they looked through the window, one deputy remarked, “Someone’s coming.” Subsequently, both deputies fired multiple rounds at Eboni Pouncy through the window, with one of them even pausing to reload her weapon.

According to officials, the deputies claimed to have seen Pouncy inside the apartment carrying a gun. They later recovered the firearm near the entryway. Pouncy, who was hit five times in the leg and torso, had grabbed her legally registered firearm out of fear and confusion caused by the unexpected visit from the deputies, as stated by her attorney, Ben Crump.

Crump, a prominent civil rights attorney, expressed his concern for Pouncy’s physical and mental recovery, emphasizing the tragic nature of the incident. He drew parallels to the shooting that resulted in the death of Breonna Taylor in 2020, which occurred during a botched police raid on her apartment.

No charges were filed against Pouncy or her friend, who had given her permission to enter the apartment just 20 minutes prior. During a press conference, the friend pleaded with the officers not to shoot, asserting her residency. Cellphone video obtained by a network affiliate captured the distressing aftermath, showing the friend being handcuffed by the responding officers.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Department has initiated an internal affairs investigation into the deputies’ actions, and local prosecutors are also involved. Both deputies have been placed on administrative leave while the case is referred to a grand jury.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Wow, this is a really important and timely post. The use of bodycam footage to shed light on incidents like these is crucial for holding law enforcement accountable. It’s great to see that this incident is being brought to public attention. Keep up the good work!

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