Woman Shoots Naked Intruder Threatening Her Family in North Memphis Restaurant

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Image Credit: Melissa Moon, WREG

A woman in North Memphis, Tennessee, shot and killed a naked intruder who threatened her and her family inside their restaurant on Monday night. The incident occurred at Mr. Potato Head when the man, dressed only in sneakers, asked for water and forcibly entered the establishment, locking the doors behind him. The intruder became agitated when he realized he couldn’t leave and proceeded to damage property and attempt to force his way out. He also assaulted the woman by punching her in the chest. Despite her attempts to calm him down, the woman felt threatened by his size and decided to defend herself.

The woman fired a shot at the intruder when he charged at her and shot him again when he picked up a chair to throw at her sister. The incident was live-streamed by the woman’s sister, who described the intruder as being like a “lion locked in a cage.” The police were called, and upon their arrival, the intruder was found on the ground. The woman who fired the shots was taken into custody but is not currently facing any charges.

The man was transported to the hospital in critical condition but later succumbed to his injuries. The police have not released the identity of the intruder, but the sisters claim to have recognized him from the neighborhood.


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