Woman Rescued from Russian River Fights Deputies in Dramatic Incident

A woman was rescued from the treacherous waters of the Russian River in Guerneville, Sonoma County, California, after a dramatic incident unfolded on Sunday. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office received a distress call around 4:20 p.m., initially reporting that a child was being swept down the river from Johnson’s Beach.

Sgt. Gary Lawson of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office spotted a person struggling to stay afloat near the confluence of Fife Creek and the Russian River. Without hesitation, Lawson swiftly removed his gear and plunged into the water to rescue the individual. Deputy Anthony Powers, who had a life vest in his patrol car, threw it to Sgt. Lawson, who promptly put it on.

As Lawson reached the person in distress, it became apparent that the individual was a woman later identified as Lacey Mosher. Shockingly, Mosher began fighting against Sgt. Lawson’s rescue efforts, even attempting to push him under the water. Despite the struggle, Lawson managed to maintain control and swim across the river, grasping onto a bush approximately 15 feet from shore.

Deputy Cody McCready soon joined the rescue operation, swimming over to assist Lawson. However, Mosher continued to resist both deputies’ attempts to save her. With the deep and fast-moving water separating them from the safety of the shore, the deputies found themselves unable to swim back to land.

Fortunately, personnel from the Sonoma County Fire District arrived at the scene in a small boat. They first rescued Mosher, who continued to assault first responders and medical personnel even after being taken to an area hospital for treatment. The deputies, Lawson and McCready, were subsequently rescued and treated for exposure.

Sheriff Eddie Engram commended the heroic actions of Sgt. Lawson and Deputy McCready, emphasizing their selfless dedication to saving lives. “They exemplify what it means to be a Sonoma County deputy sheriff,” Sheriff Engram stated.

Mosher, who caused the dramatic incident and displayed violent behavior towards first responders, will face multiple charges, according to the sheriff’s office.

Author: CrimeDoor

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