Woman Rescued After Being Found Chained to Floor in Louisville Home

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Image Credit: Louisville Metro Police Department

Police in Louisville, Kentucky, have released bodycam footage showing the dramatic rescue of a woman who was found chained to the floor of a house after neighbors heard her screams for help. The incident took place on August 16 in the 1700 block of Bolling Avenue.

The bodycam footage reveals two officers circling the two-story house, attempting to find a way inside. However, they discovered that all doors and windows on the first floor were completely barricaded. With the assistance of neighbors, the officers obtained a ladder and climbed to a shattered window on the second floor.

Upon entering the house, the officers discovered a distressing scene. The woman, identified as Joanna Wilson, was found chained to the floor inside a room on the second floor. A chain was wrapped around her neck and secured with a padlock, with the other end bolted to the floor.

Using a hatchet found in the room, the officers were able to break the chain and free Wilson. They safely brought her outside the home, where firefighters used bolt cutters to remove the chain from around her neck.

Two days after the rescue, police arrested a suspect in connection with the case. The suspect, identified as Moises May, was charged with kidnapping, two counts of assault, terroristic threatening, intimidating a participant in the legal process, wanton endangerment, and harassment.

Wilson, who spoke about the ordeal, alleged that May, her estranged boyfriend and father of her child, had forced her to strip naked, cut her hair with a machete, and threatened to kill her. She stated that she had been chained up in the house for approximately five hours before the police arrived.

Wilson’s child is currently staying with family.


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