Woman Opens Fire Inside Bristol Police Department

Police in Bristol, Connecticut, have released video footage of a woman, identified as Suzanne Laprise, entering the local police department and firing multiple rounds at bulletproof windows and glass doors. Laprise, 51, allegedly yelled threats at officers, stating that if they didn’t kill her, she would shoot them. Despite attempts to de-escalate the situation, Laprise continued shooting.

In response, one officer fired two shots from behind a glass door, but they did not penetrate the bulletproof glass. Video footage shows officers cautiously approaching Laprise after she briefly placed her gun on a bench. They charged towards her with their guns drawn, ultimately using a Taser to subdue her. Laprise was then apprehended and placed in handcuffs.

According to reports, Laprise had recently left a bar where she allegedly expressed feelings of depression to another woman. She also mentioned having a son with down syndrome and a daughter who had recently been incarcerated. The gun used by Laprise was reportedly taken from her boyfriend, a retired NYPD officer.

Laprise is currently being held on a $3 million bond and has been charged with multiple offenses, including criminal attempt/murder with special circumstances, illegal discharge of a firearm, and breach of peace. The estimated cost of repairing the bulletproof glass is approximately $40,000.

Author: CrimeDoor

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