Woman in North Carolina Arrested for Fabricating Her Own Murder

Margaret Frances Elizabeth Sweeney, 37, also known as Maggie, was arrested in North Carolina on Monday, accused of fabricating her own murder. Franklin police reported that Sweeney sent anonymous false reports to both a friend and the Department of Social Services, using an app to mask her identity. In her messages, she claimed to have been beaten to death with a tire iron. After a 75-hour search and investigation, officers located Sweeney in a nearby town.

Franklin police expressed their disappointment on Facebook, noting that such deceptive actions divert resources from genuine emergencies. Sweeney now faces charges including falsely reporting death, causing a false report to a police station, and obstructing law enforcement.

Upon her arrest, she was released with a commitment to appear in court on Sept. 7. Police Chief Devin Holland disclosed that Sweeney was found in a local park and does not have a stable residence.

This incident occurs shortly after an Alabama student faced charges for falsely reporting a kidnapping.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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