Woman Guilty of Meth-Fueled Tragedy Receives 12-Year Prison Sentence

In a devastating incident that unfolded in Lake Elsinore, a woman named Devinn Elysee Fisher, aged 31, pleaded guilty to a series of felony charges connected to a horrifying fire that claimed the lives of three young children, an elderly woman, and three beloved family dogs. The incident has shaken the community and resulted in Fisher receiving a 12-year prison sentence.

Despite objections from the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, Fisher admitted her guilt to 12 felony charges on August 3. These charges included three counts of involuntary manslaughter, two counts of willful child cruelty, one count of cruelty to an elder, one count of burning an inhabited structure, four counts of causing a fire that caused great bodily injury, and three counts of cruelty to an animal. The court handed down the severe sentence, indicating the gravity of the offenses perpetrated.

The heart-wrenching tragedy began on January 25, 2021, when a fire engulfed Fisher’s home in the unincorporated area of Lakeland Village. Allegedly under the influence of methamphetamine, Fisher remained in a car while flames rapidly spread throughout her residence. Although she managed to rescue her 1-year-old son, tragically, Fisher’s 1-year-old twins, Arya Alcaraz and Julian Alcaraz-Fisher, lost their lives in the garage where they had been residing. Phyllis “Baba” Fisher, an 85-year-old family member confined to a wheelchair, was also pulled from the house but sadly passed away two days later.

Investigations revealed that Fisher had consumed methamphetamine prior to the incident. A statement by a sheriff’s investigator noted that Fisher and her boyfriend had entered a silver SUV, with the latter admitting to smoking methamphetamine inside the vehicle. During this time, Fisher claimed to have been on a phone call related to her stimulus check. Meanwhile, Fisher’s three young children remained in the garage, entertained by a TV and warmed by a space heater perched atop a TV tray with bungee cords.

It was determined that the space heater came into contact with hanging sheets or clothes on the floor, resulting in a rapid escalation of the flames. Astonishingly, nearly 14 minutes had passed since Fisher and her boyfriend entered the vehicle when the latter checked on the children. Eight minutes later, the 2-year-old wandered out of the garage briefly before returning inside. Shockingly, neither Fisher nor her boyfriend seemed aware of the toddler’s actions, as evident from surveillance footage.

Approximately seven minutes later, smoke billowed from the garage, prompting Fisher and her boyfriend to hastily race back into the residence. The arrival of firefighters led to the tragic discovery of the bodies of the two missing children after the flames were extinguished.

Before the incident, County Child Protective Services had opened cases concerning the safety and welfare of the deceased children. By law, these files become public following the children’s deaths. However, the county is currently withholding them due to an objection by an attorney representing the surviving child.

This heartbreaking case serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences of drug abuse and the importance of safeguarding the well-being of children and vulnerable individuals. The Lake Elsinore community mourns the loss of three innocent lives and will forever bear the scars left behind by this tragic event.

Author: CrimeDoor

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