Woman Flung Into Air During Police Chase in Fort Wayne, Indiana

A chaotic incident unfolded in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Friday during a police chase, resulting in a woman being flung into the air after being struck by a car. The incident occurred when 57-year-old Juanita Gray, the mother of the suspect, emerged from her house during the chase. Video footage captured the moment Gray was hit by the vehicle and went airborne.

The police chase began around 10 a.m. when authorities attempted to pull over a non-compliant vehicle. The pursuit lasted approximately 20 minutes until it reached the street where Gray resides. During a brief stop, an “item exchange” occurred between the suspect, 38-year-old JaJuan Burley, and his mother. As the vehicle attempted to exit the property, Gray was struck by the car while trying to return inside her house.

Fortunately, the woman did not require hospitalization. However, one police officer was grazed by the car as it tried to leave the property. The officer fired multiple shots during the dangerous situation, hitting Burley once. Both Burley and the officer sustained injuries, but specific details were not provided.

The chase came to an end when the vehicle driven by Burley collided with a parked car in a nearby driveway. Burley was subsequently taken into custody. He has been charged with battery of a deadly weapon, attempted murder, disarming, resisting arrest in a vehicle, and criminal recklessness. Additional narcotics charges are pending.

Gray, on the other hand, is facing a charge of obstruction of justice. The Indiana State Police are assisting the Fort Wayne police in the ongoing investigation.


Author: CrimeDoor

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