Woman Escapes Harrowing Kidnapping Ordeal in Oregon

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A courageous woman managed to break free from a terrifying kidnapping ordeal after being held captive in a cinder block cell. Negasi Zuberi, a 29-year-old man now suspected of other sexual assaults, was apprehended in Nevada and awaits extradition to Oregon to face federal charges of interstate kidnapping and transporting an individual across state lines with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

The victim, who was abducted from Seattle, endured being chained and driven to Klamath Falls, Oregon, as revealed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Law enforcement had already been monitoring Zuberi, who is now believed to have employed various tactics, including drugging victims’ drinks, to gain control over women. In an effort to establish further potential victims, the FBI has launched a dedicated website urging anyone with relevant information to come forward.

Investigators uncovered compelling evidence in Zuberi’s rental home and garage, including the woman’s purse and handwritten notes bearing chilling labels such as “Operation Take Over.” Entries on these documents indicated a premeditated plan, instructing Zuberi to “leave the phone at home” and to ensure that the victim had minimal personal connections. Another disturbing handwritten document appeared to depict a rough sketch of an underground structure, constructed using concrete blocks, foam insulation, and waterproof concrete.

Zuberi, who had resided in Vancouver, Washington, before relocating to Klamath Falls, faced eviction due to his refusal to pay rent, illegal subletting, property damage, and alleged threats towards neighbors, according to court records and his former landlord, Abishek Kandar.

Prior to this incident, Zuberi had been involved in a violent altercation in Denver under the alias Justin Kouassi, where he allegedly assaulted an individual. Although an arrest warrant was issued, Denver authorities have no record of Zuberi or any of his aliases being taken into custody.

The Seattle kidnapping unfolded when Zuberi posed as an undercover police officer, manipulated the victim into engaging in prostitution, and subsequently revealed his true intentions. He presented a badge, brandished a stun gun, handcuffed and leg-ironed the woman before forcing her into his vehicle. En route to his residence, the victim endured sexual assault. Upon arrival, Zuberi incarcerated her in a makeshift cinder block cell with a door secured by metal bars, falsely claiming he needed to complete paperwork.

Showing extraordinary determination, the brave woman exploited a small opening she created by breaking the door’s welded joints with relentless punches. Despite sustaining lacerations on her knuckles, her unwavering resolve fueled her escape. Seizing an opportunity, she commandeered Zuberi’s vehicle, retrieving his weapon, and leaving a trail of blood as she climbed over a wooden fence, desperate to flee the nightmarish scenario. A passerby, alerted to her distress, immediately called emergency services.

The following day, Zuberi was apprehended by Nevada State Patrol officers in a Walmart parking lot in Reno while seated in his car with one of his children. Surrendering himself to the authorities, Zuberi’s arrest marked one step closer to justice for his victims.

While Zuberi awaits transport from Nevada, where he is currently being held, the U.S. attorney’s office in Oregon has yet to assign him a public defender. If convicted on federal charges, Zuberi could face life imprisonment.

The FBI has disclosed that Zuberi adopted several aliases, including Sakima, Justin Hyche, and Justin Kouassi. Their investigation continues to explore his potential involvement in other sexual assaults across at least four unidentified states.

The strength and resourcefulness displayed by the brave survivor during her harrowing ordeal serve as an inspiration to others facing similar circumstances. It is imperative that these stories are shared to raise awareness and support the ongoing efforts to prevent future tragedies.

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