Woman Claims Self-Defense in Shooting Death of Professional Bull Rider

Woman Claims Self-Defense in Shooting Death of Professional Bull Rider

Defense attorneys argue that LaShawn Denise Bagley, the woman accused of shooting and killing professional bull rider Demetrius Allen, acted in self-defense during a preliminary hearing in Salt Lake City. The hearing included testimony from three witnesses, including a detective from the Salt Lake City Police Department. Judge Mark Kouris ruled to remove the domestic violence amendment to Bagley’s first-degree felony murder charge, and the evidence presented laid the groundwork for a self-defense claim.

According to testimony, Allen had left his rodeo equipment, valued at $10,000, at Bagley’s Salt Lake apartment after their visit to the Utah State Fair. The Lyft driver who provided a ride for Allen and Bagley’s friend stated that Allen claimed he could enter any house as he was from Houston. Detective Nathan Wiley revealed that their investigation suggested Allen may have been attempting to break into Bagley’s apartment to retrieve his equipment.

Court documents indicate that Bagley, Allen, and Bagley’s friend returned to her apartment before going to a bar later that night. Bagley allegedly became upset with Allen and left him and her friend at the bar. The two ordered a ride share to return to Bagley’s apartment and found the lights off and her car missing. Video footage showed Allen and Bagley’s friend attempting to kick open Bagley’s door, with Allen holding an object consistent with a rock found at the crime scene.

During this time, Bagley called 911, reporting that someone was beating on her window. Shots were fired from inside the apartment, striking Allen multiple times. Bagley made a second 911 call, stating that someone had entered her house and she had shot them. There was no evidence of the door being opened or Allen and Bagley’s friend entering the apartment.
Judge Kouris agreed with the defense that there was insufficient proof of a relationship or cohabitation between Bagley and Allen. Testimony indicated that they were friends in Houston before Bagley moved to Utah. At the time of the shooting, Bagley was reportedly in a separate relationship and had no involvement with Allen, who was visiting from Texas for the Utah State Fair rodeo.

Bagley’s next court appearance is scheduled for a justification hearing on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

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