Woman Charged with Second-Degree Murder in Boston Common Killing After Social Media Threats

Alyssa Partsch, 30

Alyssa Partsch, a 30-year-old resident of Dorchester, was arraigned on Monday in Suffolk County Superior Court and held without bail for the alleged murder of 21-year-old Jazreanna Sheppard. According to court documents, Partsch had not met Sheppard in person before the incident but had engaged in threatening exchanges over social media.

The attack, which allegedly took place on Boston Common in July, was captured on security video. Partsch is accused of approaching Sheppard and her friend near Park Street station, wielding a knife. A physical fight ensued, during which Partsch allegedly stabbed Sheppard in the head, neck, and torso before fleeing the scene.

Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden described the incident as a result of “a few seconds of terrible, tragic decision-making.” Partsch pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder during her arraignment.

It was revealed that Partsch had a previous conviction for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in March 2019, stemming from a 2017 incident where she attacked a woman with a knife.

Outside the courtroom, a brawl erupted between Partsch’s and Sheppard’s families, prompting the intervention of law enforcement. No arrests were made.

Sheppard, a resident of South Boston, was a security and concierge worker at high-end apartment buildings. She had recently moved into a new apartment with her son and was known for her love of fashion and makeup.

Partsch, who had been working as a manager at several Caffè Nero locations and was recently promoted, is scheduled to appear in court again on November 16 for a pretrial hearing.

Author: CrimeDoor

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