Woman Arrested After Running Onto Tarmac at Canberra Airport

A woman was arrested at Canberra Airport in Australia after running onto the tarmac last week. The incident occurred when she attempted to stop a flight to Adelaide that she had missed, as the aircraft was taxiing to the runway. Onlookers captured footage of her desperate run towards the plane before she decided to return inside, where the police were waiting.

The woman forcefully pushed past airline staff after missing her flight, ran down the jetway, and proceeded onto the tarmac. The security alarm can be heard in the video as she eventually gave up. It remains unclear if she genuinely believed the flight crew would allow her to board by opening the door, but she eventually realized this would not happen.

Upon her return to the terminal, the Australian Federal Police arrested her. Authorities have charged her with entering the airside portion of the airport without permission, damaging property, and cannabis possession. She was granted bail on Friday and will face trial at a later date.

It is important to note that the airport tarmac is considered a hazardous workplace, particularly when ground crew or animal intrusions occur. Once the airliner’s door closes, the flight departs, regardless of whether the plane is visible. No airline would permit a random passenger to run onto the tarmac and attempt to board the aircraft.


Author: CrimeDoor

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