Woman Arrested After Accidental Discharge of Gun at Portland Airport

A woman, identified as Laura Patterson, was arrested at Portland International Airport after her gun accidentally discharged near a security checkpoint. The incident occurred around 11 p.m. on Tuesday, prompting construction crews, passengers, and employees to take cover. No injuries were reported.

According to a bystander, Patrick Leonard, who encountered Patterson after the shots were fired, she claimed that the gun went off when she dropped it. Leonard had just landed at the airport and heard the loud sounds, which he believed to be gunshots. He approached Patterson, who confirmed that the noises were indeed gunshots and revealed that she had accidentally dropped the firearm.

Port of Portland officials stated that Patterson fired the gun into the air after leaving a bathroom near the checkpoint. The woman appeared relatively calm during the encounter with Leonard. He attempted to get help by waving his arms and alerting Transportation Security Administration staff. Eventually, a construction crew arrived and instructed Leonard and Patterson to leave the gun and her bags on the floor.

Port of Portland police arrived at the scene within two minutes of being dispatched. Patterson has been arrested on suspicion of four counts of attempted murder, as well as several other charges including possession of a weapon in a public building and reckless endangerment.

Author: CrimeDoor

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