Winston-Salem Bar Owner Surrenders ABC License After Homicide and Multiple Shooting Incidents

The owner of The Spott Bar in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has voluntarily surrendered its ABC license following a recent homicide and separate shooting incidents. The North Carolina Department of Public Safety confirmed that the owner cooperated with authorities and handed over the licenses to ALE special agents on Monday. The first act of violence occurred on November 4 when a man was fatally shot at the bar. The Winston-Salem Police Department is currently investigating the shooting as a homicide.

In the early hours of Sunday, officers returned to the bar after receiving reports of a shooting. Five individuals were found with gunshot wounds at the scene. Among them, a woman sustained multiple gunshot wounds to her torso, which are considered life-threatening. Another woman suffered a superficial gunshot wound to her lower extremities, deemed non-life-threatening. Three additional shooting victims later sought treatment for non-life-threatening injuries at different local hospitals. Two of these individuals sustained cuts and lacerations from broken glass as they attempted to escape the bar during the shooting.

Chess McQueen, ALE Special Agent in Charge, emphasized the dangers associated with firearms in alcohol establishments and stated that ALE special agents prioritize investigations to ensure public safety and prevent further violence.

The city of Winston-Salem is also conducting its own investigation into the violence at The Spott Bar. Mayor Allen Joines mentioned the possibility of taking legal action, such as a nuisance abatement, to close the property. The city is actively evaluating whether the bar meets the criteria for such action.

Residents in the vicinity, including a nearby veterans’ home and houses, expressed concern over the incidents. One neighbor reported hearing multiple gunshots followed by screeching tires in various directions.

Author: CrimeDoor

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