Widow of Slain Haitian President Indicted in Connection to Murder

The widow of Haiti’s late President Jovenel Moïse, Martine Moïse, has been indicted by a Haitian judge in connection to her husband’s assassination. Judge Walther Wesser Voltaire issued a 122-page report accusing Martine Moïse of complicity and criminal association. The indictment alleges that just two days after the assassination, Martine Moïse laid out plans to succeed her husband, expressing dissatisfaction with his leadership and a desire to assume power.

According to the indictment, former secretary general of the National Palace, Lyonel Valbrun, claimed that Martine Moïse pressured him to place the president’s office at the disposal of ex-prime minister Claude Joseph. Valbrun stated that Martine Moïse wanted Joseph to organize a council of ministers and hold elections within three months, allowing her to become president.

Inconsistencies in Martine Moïse’s account of the night her husband was killed have raised suspicions. She claimed to have hidden under their bed when the intruders entered, but investigators at the scene disputed this, stating that even a large rat would not fit under the bed. The indictment also mentions that Martine Moïse removed items from the National Palace late at night, two days before the president’s assassination, further fueling suspicion.

However, the indictment does not provide direct evidence linking Martine Moïse to her husband’s murder or its planning. Former prime minister Claude Joseph and former chief of Haiti’s National Police, Léon Charles, were also indicted, with Charles facing the most severe charges, including murder and attempted murder.

Many of the accused have alleged that Haiti’s current Prime Minister Ariel Henry is using the court as a political weapon to prosecute his opponents. Joseph claimed that Henry is weaponizing the Haitian justice system and accused him of orchestrating a coup d’état. Prime Minister Henry has denied these allegations.

Martine Moïse’s lawyer, Paul Turner, has previously denied any involvement of his client in her husband’s murder, stating that she was a victim along with her children. Martine Moïse is reportedly in hiding but is expected to be called as a witness in a separate case related to her husband’s murder in the United States.

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  1. This is absolutely outrageous! How can the widow of the late President Jovenel Moïse be indicted in connection to his own assassination? It is beyond comprehension that someone who has just lost their spouse in such a horrific manner is now being targeted and accused of involvement.

    Instead of focusing on finding the real culprits behind this heinous crime, the Haitian authorities seem to be diverting attention and pointing fingers at an innocent woman who is already grieving the loss of her husband. This is a

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